Willford Photographic is no longer operating as a business as Paul is medically retired now.

Paul is an award winning photographer with a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Design Photography.

This is his on- line portfolio.

Paul’s practice specialises in digital image capture. During his time at university he honed his skills in the three main formats – large format 5 x 4″, medium format 6 x 7″ and 35 mm.

He moved over primarily to digital capture, largely due to his desire to retain complete autonomy over the entire photographic process. The Digital Capture Process facilitates all post production work and printing.

Work undertaken to date has mainly been geared to providing a high standard of Wedding Photography, Portraiture, and Various Commission based shoots such as Aerial Photography and Editorial Work for a County Glossy Magazine. Paul has collaborated with other artists and professionals on a variety of projects, including a book on Post Natal Depression in conjunction with a local Mother and Baby Unit.

Of himself Paul says

“I like to take the everyday subject and put it under closer scrutiny. You never know where the aesthetic lies until you look for it… I believe by altering perspective and combining a little imagination, new ways of seeing are possible.”